So here comes the exciting part: The annual merchandising calendar is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of shopping that, as a consumer you can use to your advantage. Getting the insider scoop on buying, shipping dates and merchandising habits or retail stores helps alleviate so much fashion stress! Armed with this information month by month, you will know when and what to look for and make smart decisions on whether it is a good idea to buy. After a while, shopping with an eye on the next season to come will become second nature, and you will automatically gravitate toward honing your style for the months ahead, picking out the best on the racks.


As a savvy shopper, you should know that retailers and suppliers have an actual calendar that they live by in the world of fashion. Manufacturers’ shipments are not haphazard. There are actual delivery dates for when specific categories of clothing such as jeans, swimwear and sweaters arrive in stores each season. The following information isn’t supposed to read like some “annual report” from some boring company, but if you scan on, you’ll see that everything we look forward to buying is all planned out to arrive ready to hit the racks at particular times of the year.

It’s genius really that stores receive the new stock for the season way before it’s time to wear it. This gives savvy shoppers like you plenty of time to browse, buy and store away cool finds to be worn later in the year. The idea is to keep an eye on the upcoming season on the calendar, as the fashion cycle is constantly moving forward. Seeing new clothes in stores that can be worn immediately (and buying them) is very gratifying, but seeing items for seasons that seem a long way off is an early warning signal that the new season is a lot closer than you may think! These new wares must be shopped before the best picks are gone! The pattern that manufacturers use remains practically the same year in, year out, so if we learn from it, it’ll always be helpful. For example, if you’re searching for denim, the best picks hit stores in August and September. But what if you miss the window or can’t find anything that you really love? No worries! Another shipment of new denim hits in February and March, too, so that you have two great opportunities to go look. With this knowledge in mind, you can get what you want the moment it hits the racks.

Take a peek at the merchandising schedule, but don’t get overawed!  You don’t need to purchase all the categories during each month.  It’s just a roundup of what’s available! You’ll learn the best moment for making one or two key purchases each month as we work through the year guide.

Another thing to remember is that not all fashion delivery charts look the same. The list that follows is gleaned from a variety of boutiques, specialty stores, department stores, and large chain retailers, and it is meant to be general. The idea is to get you  thinking ahead about what you will need next and what items to expect when. For the exact  dates of arrivals in your favorite shop, you are going to have to go in and ask. That is why a friendly salesperson or personal shopper with whom you keep in touch is your best ally here. But more on that later.


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