Stylehive Talks To Tailor Made About Dressing Sexy

January 25, 2008


I LOVE random unexplainable celebrity- or in this case pseudo-celebrity sightings! When I spotted I Love New York winner Tailor Made (AKA George Weisgerber) sans his better half at the launch party for Susan Redstone’s new book Just Try it On (pictured above with the author at the event), I just couldn’t pass on the chance to get an interview! As any fan of the show would know, Tailor Made was quite the male-fashionista (I guess we’d call him a fashionisto?), so I saw it perfectly suitable to interview him for Stylehive.

We only had a quick minute to chat so we made our time count, by finding out what this stud finds sexiest on a girl- you know, in case we ever wanna try to steal him away from New York (we kid, we kid, no seriously New York, we’re KIDDING, please don’t come after us!).

Stylehive: So you were obviously on a reality dating show- what do you think a girl should wear on a date to make the best impression?
Tailor Made:Well of course it depends on where you’re going, but I think don’t try too hard- like denim. I think for a guy, it’s like a psychological thing, but sometimes if a girl is too dressed up she seems high maintenance. But I think accessories are very important. You’re general attire should be casual, like denim, or a nice sweater, something along those lines, but obviously accessorize with like a hot bag, or really nice shoes.

Stylehive: What makes a girl look sexiest?
Tailor Made: I just love heels, like real stilettos- 6-7 inch heels. I think shoes and bags are the best. When I first meet a girl, the first two things I look at are her shoes- and I don’t like to say that I look at her bag, because it sounds like I’m a brand-whore- but I just think you can tell a lot about someone by their accessories. I also think with accessories, and as a guy too, you get so much mileage. So I think for women, spending $3,000 on a bag as opposed to spending $3,000 on a dress, you’re gonna get so much more.

Stylehive: So Where’s New York tonight?
Tailor Made: She’s visiting her mom, Sister Patterson.

Stylehive: Good move coming here instead!