January 16, 2008

“Just Try it On” book launch at Bendel's


A launch party in NYC should have four things: cocktails, cupcakes, at least one person sporting a Rihanna/Katie Holmes bob and a D-list celeb. Last night, this and more all went down at the “Gossip Girl”-like department store Henri Bendel for fashion writer Susan Redstone’s new style book, “Just Try it On!”

Redstone’s adorable 12-month guide gives smart and affordable shopping and fashion tips. Each chapter is dedicated to a different tip and month, from January’s “Your Fashion Emergency Kit” to December’s “Holiday Style and Gift Giving.”

When asked to spill a tip, Redstone picked from November and said, “avoid visible panty lines by taking Polaroids of yourself before a big red carpet event.”

Put on by PR powerhouse Lizzie Grubman, the event was well attended including Lizzie herself, along with one sure shocker (but appropriately titled for the event) from VH1’s “I Love New York,” Tailor Made.

Tailor Made, Miss New York’s choice “fiancé,” known for his deep pockets, coifed hair and late night mud masks, was in full effect. The complete opposite of his almost drag-like wife-y (he definitely had on a wedding band), Tailor Made looked like the farthest thing from a Sunday night VH1 reality show.

Seeming so normal, nice and well dressed, it was almost possible to forget that he was a prime VH1 D-lister until asked why he was in attendance and he responded, “I take pride in my appearance, that’s what attracted me to Tiffany [Miss New York]—she’s sassy yet classy.”

Looks like “Just Try it On” would be a good wedding gift for the Misses.

[By Crissy Spivey]