January 11, 2008


“Just Try It On!” lists how-to’s of savvy shopping

I recently received a copy of Just Try It On! ($15.95), a new book from author, Susan Redstone. The seasoned style writer’s career has included stories in the New York Times and In Style magazine as well as a stint as a stylist. And along the way she’s picked up some pretty good tips about dressing your best and when aJust Try It On!nd where to shop.

Helpful lists include 10 habits for successful budget shopping (mix high and low fashion, try it on first). And month-to-month tips on how to find the best fashion buys (workout clothes in January, winter boots in August).

I tend to like style-type books with a lot of illustrations, because, let’s face it, visuals are a big part of fashion. But this book gets by that need for photos for the most part (although a little more art wouldn’t have hurt) by offering loads of lists and helpful tips.

Do you have a favorite shopping tip? A technique for finding the biggest discounts or maybe a strategy for making the most of your wardrobe?

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